Thanks for checking out this blog about my Peace Corps experience in Tanzania. On here, you can find my thoughts, stories, and experiences as a U.S. American living and teaching on the island of Unguja. Unguja is located off the east coast of Tanzania, and is the biggest island of the Zanzibar archipelago. Known internationally as just “Zanzibar,” tourists frequent the island on vacations and various short volunteering stints. Unguja gained its wealth through the spice and slave trade, but today struggles economically and relies on the tourism industry. With a primarily Muslim population, there is often a culture clash between the vacationing westerners and conservative Zanzibaris. My experience has been greatly defined by this clash of cultures, and as you will read, I have chosen to adapt to the lifestyle of my new neighbors in order to find a home and friends. This choice has brought me endless happiness and has allowed me to become intertwined in the lives of those living around me. To access my posts, find my address, and navigate the site, look to the upper right and click on the Widgets¬†box. Enjoy!

I live in Unguja North, on the East coast

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